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Is Anger a Choice?

Every day we experience emotions. Some are nice and relaxing, other not so much. Let’s look at anger. Why do we get angry? Usually because we didn’t get what we wanted, someone did something we didn’t like, or said something about us that we didn’t agree with. Sometimes, whatever they did or said, triggered something within us that actually had nothing to do with them.

This is when our Ego shows up. It whispers to our ears :” Are you going to let them treat you this way? They did you wrong? They had no right to treat you like this. YOU have the right to fight back. Etc”. Our Ego can be very convincing and make us feel it’s the best way to go.

Let’s look what happened when we got angry.

First, you just lost a huge amount of energy as those emotions need a lot of energy to function and they will take it from you. As a consequence, there is not enough energy in your body to support your mental, emotional and physical health. YOU will suffer, not the person you got angry with.

Second, as the law of attraction works 24/7 you just send a message to the universe that you want some more of it. And you will surely get more things to be angry about.

Third, you lost control. Yes, you let emotions to be your boss and, believe me, it never ends. So, whenever you feel like the anger is coming, stop for a moment, and ask yourself whether it is worth losing your energy and hurting yourself. I hope you will make the right choice.

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