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Self Healing

Our body has an amazing ability to heal itself if we give it time and space. To live we need food, water, oxygen and life force energy. As energy is not tangible we often ignore the symptoms of not having enough of it. We get used to this low energy levels. As a consequence we slowly start to suffer from mental, emotional and physical issues.

Stress, negative emotions, overwork need our energy to function. Then our body has only enough energy to support major organs, but not enough to heal and maintain the rest of it.

To help our body self heal we need to provide space and time. We can do that through relaxation because this is the healing state. Reiki helps tremendously with this process but this extra bust of energy will disappear very quickly if we don’t find time to relax and keep getting engaged in all negative situations.

It is very important to spend few minutes a day in the state of relaxation. Help your body and yourself 💚

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